Visionary Mindset of Infidia: Support for Small Businesses Beyond 2021

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Visionary Mindset of Infidia Supports Small Businesses Beyond 2021

In ancient Rome, Polybius created the Polybius square, one of the first cryptography models. At the same time, high school kids can mock claims about the future this historian made back in the 2nd century BC. No matter how wrong he was, Polybius had the modern visionary mindset that Infidia supports.

Not millennia but decades ago, TV series like “Beyond 2000” predicted the doorless, flying cars, and life on Mars. Seemingly, the new wealthiest person on Earth became one by exploiting these predictions. Still, all of these seem like a distant future, but achievable nonetheless. 

It is because some of the new technology requires massive resources. And some of it comes as open-source. Some can destroy humanity, and some can improve humans themselves. Either way, a visionary mindset can utilize it to build ethical and sustainable businesses. And since Infidia supports small businesses, we will use all of these technologies to help entrepreneurs beyond 2021.

Blockchain as a Support for Small Businesses

Infidia is originally a blockchain-based solution for invoice financing. However, we do not mention it more than a feature, as there are still some misconceptions about this technology.

Visionary mindset for 2021+

₿ – Blockchain as Payments Innovation

Evidently, the first association to blockchain inevitably goes to cryptocurrencies. And mistrust and the hype still revolve around this future of payments. 

First, Bitcoin didn’t have value at all. In the famous Bitcoin Pizza story, one of the Bitcoin source code programmers paid two pizza’s with 10.000 Bitcoins!

Nowadays, there are many ways to spend Bitcoin. Now, leading fast-food chains such as Burger King, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut, accept Bitcoin. Besides these, companies of famous entrepreneurs such as Microsoft and Virgin accept Bitcoin.

For this reason, alongside FOMO (fear of missing out) and trading profits, cryptocurrencies are growing in value. Nowadays, the pizza owners that sold their 10.000 Bitcoins to make 4x profits would have over $400 million of value in their hands if they waited.

🔒 – Blockchain as the Superb Cryptography

To be precise, that Bitcoin would be on their unique digital, USB, or even printed wallet. And these types of wallets are the most secure way to keep your funds. It is because of the cryptography as a significant innovation of cryptocurrencies.

Since Polybius, people were finding ways to communicate securely. The first use cases were for sensitive information about wars, money, and general politics. As society improved, the use cases multiplied. Now we face the risk of compromised intellectual property, cheating, fraud, and impersonation.

Recently, it became inevitable to stop the future scandals in data leaking. And blockchain cryptography model is the best candidate for this. Actually, it all started 30 years ago when scientists Stornetta and Haber tried to solve documentations’ immutability.

The Future of Infidia’s Technology

Scott Stornetta (who might be the creator of Bitcoin) made foundation for blockchain in 1991. Long before, during the Second World War, Alan Turing created the machine to decipher German coded messages. In doing so, he laid the foundation for artificial intelligence in the 1950s and quantum computing in the early 1980s.

The future of Infidia: AI &  Quantum Computing

🤖 – Artificial Intelligence

Even though the machine learning and AI concept and algorithms aren’t new, there was simply not enough data before! However, thanks to human love for smartphones, the problem is solved. 

For this reason, AI gets its full swing in the last five or six years.

Following this, the above-mentioned modern visionary mindset now works on transhumans with Neuralinks. As you may know, transhumanism is a way of utilizing science and technology to radically change or augment the human body. Scary, huh?

If you are familiar with the technical singularity, it becomes even scarier. In plain English, that is the time when normal humans won’t be capable of deciphering or controlling higher forms of artificial or enhanced biological intelligence.

However, at this point, AI is still learning and gathering data. 

💊 – Quantum Computing

Recently, AI had trouble making the difference between a muffin and a chihuahua. Nowadays, AI creates deep fakes that we can’t distinguish from real humans. However, help for humans comes from the other emerging technology – quantum computing.

Quantum physics caused furious discussions between scientists Bohr, Heisenberg, Einstein, and Schrodinger. As a result of the fierce dispute, the agreed Copenhagen interpretation seems ridiculous to an average observer. However, future computers can provide the right answers as 100 million times faster than classical computers.

These are quantum computers that work with qubits instead of bits. Using ones and zeros, qubits also have a third state – superposition. Therefore, they can represent both one and a zero simultaneously. For this reason, they can calculate more scenarios based on the same data.

Infidia’s Visionary Mindset for 2021+

Infidia's Visionary Mindset for 2021+

These new technologies often cause a turmoil of ideas in the visionary mindset. Others have a fear of the technology due to the lack of information. Or even worse – disastrous predictions.

First, Bitcoin caused the fear of the collapse of the financial systems. There were many stories around financing terrorism and power consumption. Moreover, most speculated it wouldn’t go into the mainstream. However, major institutions are now accepting Bitcoin and financial institutions building upon blockchain.

Similarly, AI caused picturesque predictions of Sci-Fi movies becoming a grim reality. No doubts it is possible, as even Stephen Hawking warned that AI could end humankind. But, AI can enhance our lives if used for good.

Finally, quantum computing provides results that we can only trust. It is because we are not capable of correcting or checking the outcome. Should we fear if we can’t move faster than a car?

We can either fear the technology or make some bold predictions like Polybius, Beyond 2000 creators, and Elon Musk. But in both cases we should embrace these technologies and find ways to improve our lives. 

As finding ways for a support for small businesses, our goal is to utilize these to make them more successful. Moreover, we would be grateful to help some entrepreneurs with the visionary mindset, building in this field.

We can then finally realize our vision from 2020 that stretches beyond 2021 – doing good by helping those that do good for the world.



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