Growing the Business by Overcoming the Fear of Business Technology

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InfidApp uses the latest technology

If you have a fear of business technology, it is not the worst fear you can have. Some people have a phobia of having a phobia! However, every fear disappears when you examine the matter and realize there is no reason for worrying.

However, fear is deeply rooted in human beings. First, tribes of hunter-gatherers worried about the agricultural revolution. Then again, the ancestors of these farmers were anxious about the industrial revolution. 

At the same time, machinery inventions brought agricultural improvements, as well. Seed drill and selective breading, even agricultural shows, were the product of the age of innovations.

For this reason, one should not fear of endeavors to improve business processes. The idea behind this is that one change leads to another. Even though it could have a plethora of side effects, it could also lead to a competitive advantage.

Nowadays, embracing the tech could prove viable to transforming your overall organization. Hopefully, software such as our invoice financing solution could ignite other ideas, too. At least, Infidia will provide the liquidity to keeping afloat of your business. However, the value of Infidia comes the ability to finance the improvements.

Steps of Business Technology Implementation

Diffusion innovations theory suggests five steps of accepting business technology

Business technology definition refers to applications of engineering and data for business purposes. In most cases, these are keys to unlock the company’s progress. However, the side effects and the groundless predictions are causing the delay.

At the same time, unlike philosophers’ discussing the impact of modern trends, engineers are not patient people. Furthermore, if they are patient, investors in their solutions aren’t. Because of this, we have a plethora of advanced technology solutions piling up. Moreover, each better than the previous one.

While trying to grasp the implementation of the new software, the latest version is already coming up. Of course, some find this exciting and some terrifying. By the diffusion of innovations theory, in a company setting, each idea passes stages of adoption by specific actors:

  • Innovators

These are employees who crave for change. There is a chance that these would be your millennial employees or those wanting to climb the ranks.

  • Early adopters

Employees that are following trends and like trying new technologies. Moreover, they are finding out ways to implement them.

  • Early majority

With these approvals, the chance to implement the change is higher. When combined with the enthusiasm of innovators and practicality of early adopters – the improvement is around the corner.

  • Late majority

We can consider the implementation complete when the late majority follows the change. At this point, there are no incentives, but the use of new business technology is mandatory.

  • Laggards

The most talked about, this group is set in their old habits. However, when non-using impedes their daily operations, the laggards will finally accept the tech.

Information Removes the Fear of Information Technology

Overall improvement as the role of technology in business and private life.

Logically, examining the matter leads to better understanding, removing the impediments of adoption. On the other hand, fear of the upcoming AI intrusion to our lives comes to those having enough info. 

By the historian and author Yuval Harari, artificial intelligence poses a threat to humankind. Summarized, the reason behind this is the possibility to hack people’s minds. When we think of it, the amount of data we are leaving behind could lead to this scenario. 

At the same time, this might be true only in the moment of General AI. This term stands for the situation where the machine outpaces our skills and cognition. However, these are the times of chatbots and driverless cars, with no such a construct at sight.

Nevertheless, knowing the possible scenario, and having time make this a project management tasks. It is because even innovators like Elon Musk are asking to regulate the development of AI. Therefore, stopping the demise of AI to humanity is more a matter of decision.

Similarly, the progress of blockchain technology gets hindered by the cryptocurrencies’ volatility. Regardless of the long-term on currencies, the advantages of blockchain are undoubtful. Nevertheless, some big companies keep blockchain implementations invisible to their consumers. Apparently, they fear the laggards influencing the majority of their clients.

Because of this, blockchain is “under the hood” of our InfidApp, without the need for users to know it. Furthermore, Infidia facilitates the work of the employees with this ordering app. Moreover, as the whole process is intuitive and seamless, Infidia quickly reached “the late majority” phase.

Business Technology as a Necessity

Infidia invoice financing based on blockchain improves your business.

If the choice is to have a fear, one can always find the reason. Many of these sound incredible like “phobophobia,” which is the fear of having a phobia. When writing a blog post, one could have “sesquipedalophobia” – fear of long words.

Being reasonable means understanding that the use of technology in business is a necessity. In most businesses, competitive advantage would impose the need to adopt. Therefore, it is also wise to recruit innovators and cherish early adopters.

Although knowledge about blockchain and AI is not necessary, grasping the basics will do no harm. All of this could lead to better implementation of business technology. Creating a competitive advantage for your company like some other shiny examples.

One of these is Infidia, as business technology that both improves and reduces the risk. By providing the loan against the invoice, Infidia is ensuring the company’s liquidity. As a result, companies can grow at a steady pace or overcome harsh times. 

At least, employees won’t fear not getting their salaries due to the easy model to obtain liquidity.



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