Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: Why Infidia Helps Businesses?

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InfidApp motivation to help small and medium sized enterprises

Helping others, followed by the interchange of favors, is deeply rooted in human behavior. According to the research of the developmental psychologist Dr. Tomasello, we are born with that urge. 

Seemingly, the evolution of this need served as a basis for hunters to take down the mammoth. Also resulting in feeding up the rest of the cave dwellers.

At the same time, the reciprocation was the key to enhance this type of behavior. For instance, if hunters shared their prey before, they can expect raspberries at home when they are out of luck. 

Nowadays, the causality of success is not that simple as learning to shoot an arrow to catch a pray. In contemporary times, landing a good job or developing your own business could take 5-10 years of studying and following trends.

However, the world is getting more complicated, creating an additional motivation for helping others. For instance, those that are purely helping can turn into influencers and profit from it.

But with the blurred ability to choose those who can help us, who should we support?

Who to Trust?

Infidia invoice financing based on blockchain

At first, it was all about trust. As a species, we feel safe when we know what to expect from others. By Simon Sinek, the family would rather choose a local teenage girl to babysit their kids over a lady that just move into the town.

However, in the abundance of data in the world of today, you can check anybody. By gathering only 300 likes from Facebook, big data would know you better than your spouse. 

Because of this, it is a matter of effort and ability to analyze. Of course, it is not viable and almost impossible to use analytics in daily life. 

At the same time, a background check is necessary for businesses. In these cases, helping others means providing finance or goods while expecting the returns in the form of a profit:

  • Investors

As they are choosing where to place their capital, they are facing an opportunity cost, too. In other words, their money could yield better returns if it was invested in another venue.

  • Creditors

Creditors are similar to investors as also lending their money. However, creditors have different motivation as they are seeking for the same returns. Thereby, they are striving for security, as if they are not making the profit, they are starting the lawsuits.

  • Traders

Most affected by the possible loss, the traders are playing the “win or lose” game. If not having credible and payable customers, their effort is going down the drain.

Another type of traders, we excluded from this list, is profiting from the change in the market sentiment. As we may conclude, the high volatility of the market is not favored by the abovementioned groups that rely on trust. In the case of the emergency, the trust goes to those we know, as we trust them more.

Who to Help?

Infidia helping SMEs to solve liquidity issues

For our ancestors, it was quite simple – you would help your kin since there is a higher chance that you would see him again. But, nowadays, we can reach out to almost everybody. Yes, the abovementioned analysis could help but could paralyze, too.

On the other hand, there is an abundance of influencers and gurus, helping others in various ways. In 2019, influencer’s industry was $8 billion worth. Therefore, helping others helps yourself, too.

However, some of these people didn’t start because of the reward in mind. They were following an urge of our species followed by one of these motivations:

  • Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation comes from work that is satisfying by itself. For example, it is studying history because it brings you joy.

  • Extrinsic Motivation

On the other hand, extrinsic motivation revolves around reward or avoiding punishment. In the same example, it is studying for an exam or pleasing your parents.

Logically, the combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation delivers the best results. The best possible model is when intrinsic motivation ignites the process, and extrinsic adds up the momentum. This explains the motivation of influencers starting from love and expanding due to the rewards received.

In this case, helping all that are interested in sharing the existing knowledge or tools proved viable. Of course, the expansion of their business today includes social media targeting. Similar to any other company, they are following the rules of the business while utilizing the latest technology.

Infidia Helps Small Businesses

Infidia invoice financing for small and medium sized enterprises

In the case of volatility, the most affected is a small business. It is because the government often makes a move to bail out the big ones. Even though it might be the wrong move, the government trusts them in intention to save jobs.

Since the small business has “just moved” into the market,” there is no trust, nor help for them. At the same time, the jobs and survival of the economy depend on these newcomers. By the European Commission report, small and medium-sized enterprises account for 2/3 of private-sector jobs.

Driven by intrinsic motivation, Infidia started as a project of helping these small businesses. For this reason, it is conceived as a plethora of free software solutions for small businesses. 

To make it sustainable in the long run, Infidia tackled the need with possible extrinsic motivation – finance. In doing so, Infidia app (Infi dApp) is utilizing the newest blockchain tech in the process of facilitating the invoice financing.

By enabling seamless invoice financing, Infidia removes the worry of survival or taking the chance on the market. It is because Infidia allows applying to credit lines for the invoices with 30+ days due date. Comparing to our ancestors, it is a provision of the food in advance while waiting for hunters to come back.

In the Infidia model, the trustless platform helps all that lay money on trust. First, traders can overcome liquidity issues by getting finance in advance for sold goods they sold. Second, the creditors don’t have to worry about which traders to help. Finally, investors don’t have to worry about opportunity costs.

In the years to come, Infidia will pursue its mission of removing all impediments of small businesses. Since society flourishes and survives by being cooperative, by helping others, Infidia will grow, too.



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