Stories of Our Users (Part III): Infidia Supports Education of Better Humans

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Learning to run a Business

The technocratic future is inevitable, and it is our choice to make “a Future That Is More Star Trek Than Terminator” (“Innovation + Equality” book). For doing so, society should foster proper human behavior since childhood. By the Economic and Social Research Council, education improvement of wellbeing is evident. In our case, Infidia supports educational companies. In doing so, we are improving their processes with apps and liquidity by invoice financing.

It is because “Infidia supports businesses that do good for the world.” As a result of structured learning, we conceptualized this goal during virtual BootCamp by Creative Destruction Lab. In two amazing weeks we played with new ideas for our company during well-structured lectures and workshops. 

And our decision to support ethical and sustainable businesses became even stronger. For this reason, Infidia supports two educational companies that also fit this company profile.

In a series of Infidia blogs, we are proud to present two exceptional entrepreneurs in different education segments. What is in common for them is that both share a similar human touch to their business.


Infidia supports Beez&Toys expansion into retail with invoice financing

Scientific research shows early fine motor skills predict future success in academic education. It is because the human touch and shape creation requires the collaboration of the complete sensory system. Logically, it is best to strengthen neural networks in early childhood. As a result, these children have better preconditions for later academic achievements.

However, there are many stories about college dropouts’ success. Many of them, like Bill Gates, do not support this move, stating that publicly. It is because he also agrees that educated people, in general, live healthier lives.

And David, the founder of Beez&Toys, made an effort to create a perfect life. Without dropping out of the Faculty of Economics and MBA studies, David started a beautiful family. At the same time, he also reached C-level positions in the corporate setting.

Seemingly, these experiences gave birth to environment-friendly children’s toys. Along his path of Startup ideation, he realized that the beeswax is the perfect ingredient. As it is commonly known, beeswax has antibacterial and anti-inflammation effects. However, David realized that placing beeswax in a unique 100% natural plush toy is suitable for developing children’s motor skills.

Initially, David’s main goal was to help the environment and make his children proud. However, this noble quest gained attention from the “Soulful stories” blog and many others sharing the same dream of the better world.

Since Infidia shares the same dream, we addressed David in June 2020. 

Apparently, our collaboration started in a perfect moment. Recently, Beez&Toys expanded their product line, followed by getting onto shelves of the major retail chains.

For this reason, Infidia invoice financing is the perfect help in following this increased demand. Moreover, our sales productivity software is ideal for kick-starting their retail sales.

Hopefully, expanding their sales will reach more children, future university graduates.


Infidia blockchain based software supports Srdjan Tomasevic and Leste on their journey

Law-makers recognized the potential of online education but had concerns ever since 2003. Nowadays, the very same people reflected on these thoughts during the lockdowns, while moving education online in days.

Even though online learning is still in its infancy, it skipped the “puberty” and became a functional education model. Of course, improvements in tech and video production bring different experience compared to 2003.

And Leste is one of the pioneers in online learning for businesses, with their exceptional experience. 

Like his colleague mentioned above, Leste’s founder Srdjan Tomasevic was not dropping out of college. Soon after the studies, Srdjan became a broker. However, his destiny and inherited leader traits led him to the role of the stock exchange PR. Finally, Srdjan organized many lectures as a President of an Alumni Club of the Business School he graduated as an EMBA.

Seemingly, his entire career led to educational entrepreneurship as he acquired all skills he would need. When started Leste, nobody expected the Black or the White Swan to come. However, the increased demand for online learning is skyrocketing this type of companies, able to serve the market need.

Of course, to tackle the market opportunity at the full scale, Leste needs financing. Even though Leste used factoring service before, this service is not available for all of their invoices. Because of this, Infidia supports them, with an ability to enable invoice financing for some of their clients.

Infidia Supports Innovative Education

Infidia: Supporting Education of the Better Humans

Inevitably, the tech will continue to influence our lives radically. Sooner than we think, we might need to decide whether we will enhance our brains with tech such as Neuralink. Whether it will make us better or less human is the question of using this tech and our rational thinking.

In the consumerist’s world, children make decisions by Ryan’s Toys YouTube channel recommendations. Nevertheless, long before that time, we can set up a proper foundation, buying them toys like Beez&Toys that do them good.

Also, our society must choose how to teach students to build our future. For this reason, Infidia supports the humane approach of Leste. Hopefully, this would lead to proper education and the thirst for knowledge embodied in Leste’s online courses. Only then, educated humans can make rational decisions about the future use of the tech. 

We know that those growing up with Beez&Toys and educated by Leste can shape the excellent future for humans. Moreover, those will be able to build businesses on tech innovation themselves.

When it happens, Infidia will be there as Infidia supports all businesses built on a proper foundation.



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