Infidia Supports Ethical and Sustainable Businesses

What is the Secret for Building Ethical and Sustainable Businesses?

Ethics and sustainability bring peace of mind and long-term benefits for businesses. However, building an ethical and sustainable business doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness all the time. Even the Greek word “eudaimonia,” translated as happiness, means living virtuously that sometimes make us unhappy, as explained by Aristotle. Ethics in business sometimes requires presenting an honest state of affairs that can

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How Can Sustainable Businesses Become Profitable?

Similar to taking care of your physical health by following good habits, sustainable practices matters when building a business. Nowadays, investors seek more profound levels of engagement with their portfolio companies. Both to reduce the risk and support their beliefs, many investors balance profits with those adopting the future. Similarly, we both enjoy and choose to finance these businesses as it

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Sustainable Business Practices in Building the Innovative Technology

Imagine having an idea for a credit card back in 1888, like Edward Bellamy described in his 19th-century novel? If you do, you’ll have to imagine it on card stock, leather, or metal as there was no plastic. At the same time, the history of plastics is ending, replacing it with more sustainable business practices and materials. Nowadays, we feel that progress is unstoppable

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Visionary Mindset of Infidia Supports Small Businesses Beyond 2021

Visionary Mindset of Infidia: Support for Small Businesses Beyond 2021

In ancient Rome, Polybius created the Polybius square, one of the first cryptography models. At the same time, high school kids can mock claims about the future this historian made back in the 2nd century BC. No matter how wrong he was, Polybius had the modern visionary mindset that Infidia supports. Not millennia but decades ago, TV series like “Beyond

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Infidia Helps Small Companies

Infidia Helps Small Companies to Persist Until Becoming Lucky

If familiar with “Shoe Dog,” the book about Nike, you would quickly realize how they are similar to many small businesses. It is because many big companies started small, having many challenging moments. Supporting with invoice financing, Infidia helps small companies to overcome these moments. Recently, Infidia was participating in the finals of the Elevator Lab Challenge by the Raiffeisen Bank. Seemingly,

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