Infidia Helps Small Companies

Infidia Helps Small Companies to Persist Until Becoming Lucky

If familiar with “Shoe Dog,” the book about Nike, you would quickly realize how they are similar to many small businesses. It is because many big companies started small, having many challenging moments. Supporting with invoice financing, Infidia helps small companies to overcome these moments. Recently, Infidia was participating in the finals of the Elevator Lab Challenge by the Raiffeisen Bank. Seemingly,

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Infidia: How to Get Process Documentation Best Practices for Free?

Infidia: How to Get Process Documentation Best Practices for Free?

Those who experienced it know that running a business is like having a baby. For example, after the hectic day of solving a crisis, goods can arrive at the warehouse at night to deliver to customers before dawn. In all that hurry, the importance of process documentation is immense. It is because the flaws can eventually overflow the already busy schedule.

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Learning to run a Business

Stories of Our Users (Part III): Infidia Supports Education of Better Humans

The technocratic future is inevitable, and it is our choice to make “a Future That Is More Star Trek Than Terminator” (“Innovation + Equality” book). For doing so, society should foster proper human behavior since childhood. By the Economic and Social Research Council, education improvement of wellbeing is evident. In our case, Infidia supports educational companies. In doing so, we are

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Infidia Helps Businesses: Choosing Who to Support First

On August 14th, Infidia entered a new chapter with its remarkable success in the BlockStart accelerator. At first, the expert team recognized the idea of Infidia helps businesses via seamless invoice financing. However, acquiring first adopters and following KPIs brought Infidia to the Top 5 of the BlockStart’s Open Call #1! Even though our team had significant Startup experience, BlockStart mentorship sessions proved viable.

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Infidia Doing Good for the World

Infidia is Doing Good for Companies That do Good for the World

Whether backed by true altruism or promotion, many companies are competing to do good these days. Among these companies are GM that shifted their car production, and JP Morgan with $950 million in new loans for small businesses. Besides these corporate moves, there is also a transparency of the Twitter CEO and Wallmart CEOs’ personal touch. Contributing to these efforts, Infidia is

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