Infidia as a shipmate in sailing the sea of entrepreneurship

Is There a Safe Harbor of Entrepreneurship? Invoice Financing for SMEs

Even though the recent events are casting the shade, the Titanic remains the well-known disaster of the 20th century. As flaws are imminent to any endeavor, there was a regulations’ fault that contributed to the number of casualties of the Titanic. At the time, the size of the Titanic was way beyond the speed of the regulations review. To explain, The British

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InfidApp invoice financing solves double-spending

Spending Double Without “Double-Spending:” Discover Invoice Financing

People connect spending with pleasure. Yet, it is quite different when it comes to business. In the case of running a company, spending double also means working double. A saying goes: “no one who can rise before dawn 365 days a year fails to make his family rich.” Thereby, pleasure will come later when spending reaches its fruition. By that time, follow

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InfidApp motivation to help small and medium sized enterprises

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: Why Infidia Helps Businesses?

Helping others, followed by the interchange of favors, is deeply rooted in human behavior. According to the research of the developmental psychologist Dr. Tomasello, we are born with that urge.  Seemingly, the evolution of this need served as a basis for hunters to take down the mammoth. Also resulting in feeding up the rest of the cave dwellers. At the same time, the

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InfidApp uses the latest technology

Growing the Business by Overcoming the Fear of Business Technology

If you have a fear of business technology, it is not the worst fear you can have. Some people have a phobia of having a phobia! However, every fear disappears when you examine the matter and realize there is no reason for worrying. However, fear is deeply rooted in human beings. First, tribes of hunter-gatherers worried about the agricultural revolution.

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Invoice Financing and Blockchain: Infidia Improves the Modern Trade

Invoice financing is like the ancient barter trade with more than two participants. Imagine that you are selling the perfect dye for the nobleman clothes in times before the money. If you don’t need anything in return, both would have to remember or write an IOU statement (I Owe You). Or, you could take some eggs from the local that

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