Sustainable Business Practices in Building the Innovative Technology

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Imagine having an idea for a credit card back in 1888, like Edward Bellamy described in his 19th-century novel? If you do, you’ll have to imagine it on card stock, leather, or metal as there was no plastic. At the same time, the history of plastics is ending, replacing it with more sustainable business practices and materials.

Nowadays, we feel that progress is unstoppable and that concepts are advancing at a fast pace. But in predicting the future, there are always two poles consisting of those enthusiastic and those with the fear of the technology.

For those who are entrepreneurial, the place where others have fears is a starting point for progress. It is because their ability to overcome the mythical monsters that don’t exist. Therefore, thinking ahead and utilizing the technology is a foundation for small businesses growth. For ethical and pure-hearted companies with sustainable business practices that Infidia supports, there is no other way but progress.

A Mindset to Create an Innovative Technology

Sustainable business practices from reading history books

Like many other futurist’s work, “Looking Backward” novel included many “novelties.” One of these was a card entitling citizens with shares of the national wealth. The model was quite the same with today’s credit/debit cards. But how did this writer came up with these ideas?

Seemingly, when finding inspiration, futurists wander into the imaginary world with many outrageous predictions. Just like taking a red or a blue pill, they enter the world of the unknown. Similar to Startup ideas, most of these don’t have any sense and some could be a viable part of the future.

However, there is always a choice of creating the future and waiting for it to come. The first includes hardships, imagination, and disappointment sometimes. But the second is nothing but the disappointment as we are not crafting it, no matter how beautiful it can be.

Since history is full of hardships and epic tales of overcoming these, reading history books is an excellent foundation for any endeavor. In most cases, inventions of the future are already there. For example, blockchain technology is there since the 1990s. However, it became popular with Bitcoin and widely visible only a couple of years ago.

Therefore, the development of the future requires both imagination and finding a profitable business model. And the recent history is abundant with these, as well. For this reason, reading books from entrepreneurs and leaders of the industrial revolution fosters the mindset for the creation of innovative technology.

How Sustainable Business Practices Embrace the Innovative Technology

Sustainable Business Practices embrace the new technlogy

Seemingly, believing in the progress differentiates entrepreneurs from wannabees and scenesters. Back in the time of the iron, nobody believed in steel. Similar to carbon fiber today, Dale Carnegie had to prove that steel is a viable building material. 

For doing so, he made a real elephant cross the new Eads Bridge, spanning the Mississipi river. Since there was a myth that the elephant won’t cross the unstable bridge, Carnegie was playing on that card. Targeting the population that believes in fables, he made a home run. 

Similarly, acceptance is the greatest challenge for futurists and companies embracing the technology. However, the only way for a company to conduct sustainable business practices is to include the new technology. In doing so, companies sometimes need to perform the trick with the elephant or find other unpopular models.

It is because innovative technology is a way to get things done. Even those living off-grid utilize the technology (vlogs and podcasts) to present their work and earn a living. For this reason, non-adopting the change is an excuse rather than a solution.

Most of the time, people stick to the old patterns of their work. But just like in the famous “five monkeys experiment,” these are not grounded. Yet, in the world of ever-changing technology, while implementing one, a new concept will emerge.

Seemingly, sustainable business practices should reside on the everlasting change and embracing innovation. This results in a short-frame of convincing and experimenting with monkeys. Or showcasing the elephant. Or removing the elephant from the room or presenting other options if a company is highly ethical.

Crafting the Future Together With Infidia

Infidia future with sustainable business practices

With Infidia’s innovative technology, we combine the creative mindset with the compassion for these employees in addressing the need of small businesses. Having all this in mind, we built Infidia as an innovative way to help small companies to obtain finance while improving their productivity. 

In this case, we are tackling both small businesses’ problems—the need for the finance and finance needed for productivity solutions. In our everlasting quest for providing the best software for our users, we are finding deals and connecting to solutions that share our vision.

As a result, Infidia is on a path of building a future with the network of companies supporting each other’s growth. First, for SMEs, we are providing the finance and productivity tools. Second, for lenders, we offer them security and lucrative loans. 

Finally, for other service providers, we offer them partnerships that can turn profitable. Are you willing to share the vision of the future with Infidia on helping ethical and sustainable business practices? In this case, we are avoiding the disappointment as crafting the future together.



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