Stories of Our Users (Part II): Sustainable and Ethical Business Lifestyle

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By analyzing the success stories of companies, it is easy to conclude that business growth follows nature’s rules. Like the plants’ growth, there are five stages that every business passes, whatever its industry. Those that don’t skip these steps grow into long-lasting, sustainable companies. As invoice financing helps maintain ethical and sustainable processes, we use it to help Infidia early adopters.

Since Infidia is the participant of the BlockStart blockchain initiative (supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020, grant agreement No. 828853), we had excellent mentorship about defining our early adopters. By engaging companies with an interest in blockchain, we are helping their natural growth. It is because natural also means implementing new technology as an integral part of our reality.

For this reason, in blog series about users of Infidia, we are describing how invoice financing helps these entrepreneurs. As mentioned, we support brave entrepreneurs, top performers, innovators, and visionaries. And above all – good people that lead their business ethically and sustainably.

The following are companies that grew naturally by providing superb quality while living the type of life that many crave.

Mlekara Petrov

Mlekara Petrov: Byodinamic Organic Production as a Lifestyle Infidia Supports

Nowadays, owners of tech companies and lifestyle influencers flock to innovate in agriculture. As the world is changing, people from various industries now see the value of living in the countryside and organic food production. This mix, empowered by the digitalization with security in sharing data, removes the obstacles of smart agriculture.

The use of the data reached its peak in biodynamic farming long before computers. As the first of the organic agriculture movements, it is a holistic approach to collaborating with nature for the best outcomes. 

The owner of Mlekara Petrov came back to the village, long before the social media influencers turned to farmers. In 2009, after an abundant managerial experience in Australia, China, and Scandinavia, he started a small organic farm in Serbia.

Starting small, as it is natural, he followed all stages that Harvard Business Review recommends. Moreover, taking care that each instance of their production is sustainable. For this reason, he fought for banning the plastic bottles in the country, and all of their company vehicles run on methane.

Soon people heard about their story covered in media and recognized the premium quality of their organic products. As a result, Mlekara Petrov is now present in major retail chains in Serbia.

Their sound business principles and expanding presence in retail made them perfect for outreach by Infidia. Following the meeting, the team of Infidia was amazed and inspired by their vision and ideas. As a result, invoice financing helps Mlekara Petrov to scale fast. At the same time, Mlekara Petrov is helping Infidia in introducing an innovative model of ordering.

Following their influence, Infidia may consider relocating offices from the city center.


Invoice Financing helps Marsben to reach new heights

The abovementioned influencers made an expansion in the last decade with their life stories. Since the earnings of the kid YouTube star reached $26 million in 2019, many yearn to become one. Because of this, in the previous year, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 

However, what makes a difference is an exciting content followed by quality video production. Since the bar is getting higher, only quality services are in demand. And those that can meet that requirement are those passing all five stages of business development.

Two brothers with a lifestyle more impressive than most influencers have, follow the demand on the quality video. Since the very start, their video production company was growing by the recommendation. Furthermore, due to quality services and building trust, their customers asked for additional help.

Soon, they were able to hire additional audio and video professionals and marketing experts. Nowadays, Marsben is the core of a vast network of professionals, producing music videos with millions of views.

But what is more interesting is the entrepreneurial drive of the company founders. Since both brothers are pilots, they are members of the managing team of the airplane academy and sightseeing company WingAir. Soon after lifting the lockdown in North Macedonia, people booked all of their safe airplanes’ tours around the capital.

Combining these two services, their aerial shootings are their distinctive value proposition. This type of unique activity got the attention of Infidia. It is because the complex set of records of all the services provided is perfect for invoice financing.

Each day of filming, flight organizing, or post-production, makes a record in the blockchain. All of these serve as proof for banks, approving the invoice financing. And invoice financing helps them to tackle more complex projects at the same time, growing their business. Naturally.

Infidia Records of the Ethical Business Lifestyle

Infidia Seamless Invoice Verification for Invoice Financing

In the unique approach to invoice financing, Infidia makes records of all activities in the blockchain. Similar to following the influencer, banks can monitor the business operations of their clients. 

Logically, transparency of the invoicing process reduces the risk for financial institutions. As a result, they can trust their clients when reviewing their invoice financing requests. By solving the trust issue in approving invoice financing, Infidia helps small businesses.

At the same time, by utilizing blockchain technology, Infidia cannot disclose the data to third parties. Practicing what we preach, Infidia is behaving as an ethical and sustainable company.

Moreover, Infidia is making a change on the market by nourishing those that tend to grow. Just like in farming, invoice financing helps “watering” the businesses that would either way grow. The only difference is that we help them reach their full potential before the rain.



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